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              Live Scan Fingerprinting Request Forms

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  The following referring agencies have made their Live Scan Request Forms available to the public online. Please be sure to print three copies of the form as it must be prepared in triplicate.
Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS) Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS):

Live Scan - Forms

Select the Type of Certificate/License/Permit/Registration for which you are applying:


Locate the license application type for which you are intending to apply in the left column of this chart and use the appropriate Live Scan Identifier form specified in the right column. Note: A Firearms Permit cannot be associated with a Private Investigator or Alarm Company Operator License organized as a Corporation or Limited Liability Company or a Private Patrol Operator license organized as a Corporation.

License Type Live Scan Identifier
Alarm Agent Employee (ACE)
Alarm Agent Employee w/Firearm (ACE & FQ)
Alarm Company Qualified Manager w/Firearm (ACQ & FQ)
Alarm Company Operator (ACO)
Alarm Company Manager (ACQ)
Alarm Agent
Alarm Agent w/Firearm
(Please use the Alarm Agent w/Firearm form)
Alarm Co Lic
Locksmith Company (LCO)
Locksmith Employee (LOC)
Private Investigator (PI)
Private Investigator w/Firearm (PI & FQ)
Private Investigator
Private Investigator w/Firearm
Private Patrol Operator (PPO)
Private Patrol Operator w/Firearm (PPO & FQ)
Private Patrol Opr/Per
Priv Patrl Opr/Per w/Fire
Proprietary Private Security Officer (PSO) Prop Sec Off 7583.9 BP
Security Guard (G)
Security Guard w/Firearm (G & FQ)
Security Guard
Security Guard w/Firearm
Repossession Agency (RA)
Repossession Agency Qualified Manager (RAQ)
Repossession Agency Employee (RAE)
Training Instructor - Firearm (TIF)
Training Facility - (TFF)
Training Instructor - Baton (TIB)
Training Facility - Baton (TFB)
Training Instructor Lic

DOJ/Firearms Division - P.O.S.T. Certification (Non-Sponsored)

Entertainment Firearms Permit Application & Live Scan Form

Firearms Eligibility Cert- Firearm Eligibility Certification, Certificate of Eligibility, Department of Justice, Bureau of Firearms.
Firearms Record Review Request for Live Scan Service
FD 030 Dangerous Weapons License/Permit Application and Live Scan Request Form

Contractors State License Board Contractors State License Board
Contractors State License Board Information
- You must bring the "Request for Live Scan Form" that you received from State License Board.
Personal Criminal Record Review
Visa/Immigration/U.S. Citizenship/Visa:

Criminal Records - Request Your Own

Access to criminal history summary records maintained by the DOJ is restricted by law to legitimate law enforcement purposes and authorized applicant agencies. However, individuals have the right to request a copy of their own criminal history record from the Department to review for accuracy and completeness. Requests from third parties are not authorized and will not be processed.

Note: Criminal history records requested for an individual’s own review cannot be used for Visa/Immigration or any foreign nation transactions. If you are seeking a background check for Visa/Immigration or any foreign nation transactions, see Visa/Immigration.

To receive a copy of YOUR criminal history record, individuals must submit fingerprint images, pay a $25 processing fee to the DOJ, and follow the instructions below.


All California Applicants must submit Live Scan fingerprints.
Instructions, pdf | En Español, pdf.

  • Use the Live Scan Form (Form BCIA 8016RR, pdf), (BCIA 8016RR Spanish, pdf).
  • Check “Record Review” as the “Type of Application”.
  • Enter “Record Review” on the “Reason for Application” line.
  • Fill out all your personal information.
  • Take the completed form to any Live Scan site for fingerprinting services.


California law allows you to request a record clearance from the DOJ for Visa/Immigration purposes. The following are the basic steps to complete your request for a background check. Failure to follow these procedures may result in a delay or the rejection of your application for a DOJ response under Penal Code Section 11105(c)(9). If you currently reside in California, with limited exceptions, you must submit your fingerprints electronically from a Live Scan site. If you reside outside of California, you will need to submit a manual fingerprint card or “hard card.”


An "Apostille" or a "Certification" is frequently required by foreign governments before the background check will be accepted. The document you will receive from the California DOJ is NOT the actual Apostille. As such, if you need this additional service, you will need to contact the DOJ at after you receive the DOJ response in the mail.


Step One (1):

Print out a copy of the Request Form: 
Request Visa/Immigration - Form BCIA 8016 VISA (Live Scan), pdf

Step Two (2):

Follow the instructions for completing your Request Form: 
Instructions for Visa/Immigration Request Form, pdf
Instrucciones en Español, pdf

Step Three (3):

Get fingerprinted. Fingerprint services are usually available from your local police or sheriff’s department, or from private vendors engaged in the fingerprinting business.  Your total costs will be $32 plus the fingerprint rolling fee charged by the Live-Scan agency. Since the fingerprint-rolling fee varies widely among locations, you will want to review the cost along with the accepted methods of payment before going to the fingerprinting site.

Step Four (4):

Once the submission is received and processed, the DOJ will mail the response via U.S, mail to the applicant only. It is the applicant’s responsibility to forward the information to their legal counsel or assistance agency.
Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV):

We have Live Scan Fingerprinting Request Form in stock.

Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV): We have these form in stock.

Occupational Licenses & Programs:  DMV-8016 Request for Live Scan Service (PDF)

Department of Real Estate - DRE

Department of Real Estate (DRE):
Real Estate - Live Scan Service Request (RE 237) Denotes a PDF document. form
Live Scan for the Real Estate Salesperson License.

Department of Social Services Department of Social Services:
Trust Line Live Scan Form - Use this form to obtain Live Scan for the Dept. of Social Services Related services Like Trustline - A1157. 
CA Dept of Social Services - Use this form to obtain Live Scan for the Dept. of Social Services Related services  - LIC 9163.

Applicant for Teacher Credential
California Commission on Teaching Credentialing

EMT-I: Emergency Medical Agency - EMS - Riverside County


  • Download the Live Scan form - Orange County - For questions and information please contact the OCEMS licensing desk at 714 834-3500 ext 0.

[PDF]request for live scan service - Los Angeles County


Certified Public Accountant -
California CPA Certified Public Accountant License Live scan Fingerprinting form

Request For Live Scan Service (Check Casher W/Permit), pdf (Form BCIA 8016CCPP1)

Request For Live Scan Service (Check Casher-FP CheckOnly), pdf (Form BCIA 8016CCPP2)

Deferred Deposit Transaction Law License

Department of Corporations Finance Lender License
Escrow Agents License
Mortgage Banker License


Gambling Card Room Key
Gambling Card Room Owner
Gambling Card Room Work Permit
Gambling Third Party
Tribal Gaming Key Employee
Tribal Gaming Vendor



California Department of Insurance: Live Scan Service Request (Applicant) LIC 442-39A  Form for Insurance service providers.

AGENTS & BROKERS: Producer Licensing Requirements

License Classes Listed in Alphabetical Order 







Acupuncture Board: Acupuncture License
Board of Behavioral Sciences: Marriage and Family Therapist,  Clinical Social Worker,  Educational Psychologist.
Board of Optometry: Optometrist
Board of Occupational Therapy, DCA:
Occupational Therapist, Occupational Therapist Assistant.
Dental Board of California - Dental License or Examination.
Doctor of Podiatric Medicine
Hearing AID Dispensers Bureau: Hearing Aid Dispenser - License, Certification, Permit
Naturopathic Doctor

Registered Nurse - Endorsement (DOJ + FBI) - Original
Registered Nurse - Examination (DOJ + FBI)

Vocational Nurse or Psychiatric Technician - Original

Vocational Nurse - Psychiatric Technician - Permit Renewal


Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) or Home Health Aide (HHA)-Sample Form.
Use this Blank Form BCII 8016 for CNA or HHA and use above form for the guidlines.


Paramedic - Emergency Medical Services Authority

Pharmacists - Section 4050
Pharmacy Intern - Section 4015
Pharmacy Technician - Section 4015
Pharmacy Wholesaler - Section 4305.5

Physical Therapist or Physical Therapist Assistant

Physician and Surgeon
Medical Board of California (MBC) -Physician and Surgeon,
License, Certification, Permit - Licensing Form


Respiratory Care Practitioner

Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology Board

Veterinarian or Veterinary Technician
Veterinary Medical Board: Veterinarian/Veterinary Technician - License/Certification.

Legal Industry

Legal Industry:
California Bar Determination of Moral Character-
Live Scan for the Attorney License in the State of CA.
Victim of Identity Theft-Identity Theft Live Scan Request form


Cemetery and Funeral Bureau

Cal South - Non Profit Youth Organization Volunteer
Electronic Recording Delivery System (ERDS Program) - ERDS SEC ACCESS GC 27395
Professional Fiduciaries Bureau: Professional Fiduciary.

California Massage Therapy Council - MASSAGE THERAPIST Live Scan Request Form

Notary Public

Notary Public:
Notary Public 

Pest Control

Pest Control:
DCA/Structural Pest Control Board: Structural Pest Control, License, Certification, Permit

For Use by Applicant Agencies and Employers

For Use by Applicant Agencies and Employers

Commonly Used Forms for Applicant Agencies:

Forms for Applicant Agencies:

Links to many of the forms used by applicant agencies can be found in the step-by-step instructions or in the Frequently Asked Questions sections. The following is the listing and links to the applicant agency forms:

  1. Applicant Fingerprint Processing Fees, pdf


    Links to many of the forms used by applicant agencies can be found in the step-by-step instructions or in the Frequently Asked Questions sections. The following is the listing and links to the applicant agency forms:

    1. Applicant Fingerprint Processing Fees, pdf
    2. Authorization Request Packet(s):
    3. Applicant Submitting Agency Request to Change (BCIA 8386), pdf
    4. Subsequent Arrest Service Contract, pdf
    5. No Longer Interested Form, pdf
    6. Live Scan Request Form (BCIA 8016) - For General Use, pdf
    7. Request for Live Scan Services for Public Schools or Joint Powers Agencies (BCIA 8016A), pdf
    8. Instructions for Live Scan Request Forms (Both BCIA 8016 and BCIA 8016A), pdf
    9. Live Scan Request Form for Electronic Recording Delivery System (BCIA 8016ERDS), pdf
    10. Live Scan Request Form for Record Review or Foreign Adoption (BCIA 8016RR), pdf
    11. Live Scan Request Form for Record Review or Foreign Adoption (BCIA 8016RR Spanish), pdf
    12. Request for Applicant Name Check by FBI (BCIA 8020), pdf
    13. Custodian of Records - Application for Confirmation (BCIA 8374), pdf / Custodian of Records Duties, pdf
    14. Custodian of Records Notification (BCIA 8375), pdf
    15. Request for DOJ Name Check (BCIA 9010), pdf

    Applicant Agencies’ Billing Forms:

    1. Transmittal Form - Prepaid (Cash) (JUS 203), pdf
    2. Transmittal Form (Billed) (JUS 204), pdf
    3. Credit Card Transaction Form, pdf


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